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Cloud Nine



Inspired by the stars, the Zodiac Collection is here to celebrate the unique magic that resides in us all. A lovely little reminder for yourself, or a treasured gift for a loved one. Let the celestial magic of these necklaces help shine your light.


Original Cloud Nine illustrations are etched on the front of each pendant and a special message relating to your sign features on the back. Each necklace comes complete with a beautiful gold foil insert which speaks to your sign, reminding you of the qualities that make you, you. 

  • 16inch figaro chain with 5cm extender
  • 25x15mm
  • Sterling silver 

Dearest Gemini, you are the chameleon of the zodiac and the charmer of our hearts. You're a natural-born communicator with a gift for words. You're curious and inquisitive, always asking questions and learning new things. You have a lighthearted approach to life that is both refreshing and contagious. We are drawn to your wit, humour, and ability to see both sides of every story. Social butterfly that you are, you make friends easily and are always the life of the party. So thank you for being you, Gemini. The world needs your charm.

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